B.Sc. management of security


Program Description


Study Management in the security

Management of security: emergency transport and disaster management

In 2009, Acre University established the Emergency Services Course Emergency Practitioner and has many successful graduates formed. Currently taking place worldwide major changes such. B. climate change and international terrorism. These concern not only the emergency services, but also the Civil Protection and the security overall. Taking into account these changes, the program was further developed-so that he is now prepared for a management role in the overall security.

Formerly: The course Emergency Practitioner

After NotSanG 2014 - The program is offered at the Acre College of Human Sciences in Berlin since 2009 and has established itself as a fixture among the Emergency Services study transitions.

study objectives

The study provides an innovative professional profile with new perspectives for executives throughout the security.

It prepares students for senior posts within the ambulance service, the aid agencies, the Fire Department, the Agency for Technical Relief and the relevant authorities and businesses at local, state and federal level.

The following occupational groups speaks studying at, inter alia:

  • Emergency paramedics
  • Recovery assistants
  • Professional / factory and airport firefighters
  • Civil Protection authorities, aid organizations
  • Nurses / staff of hospitals
  • Federal / policewomen, women soldiers
  • Employees of health or accident insurance as well as by private companies (business continuity, operational civil protection)


beginning: October 1 (for each winter semester)

Duration of study: Normal period 6 or 8 semesters

cost example: monthly

  • Emergency Services Management:
    • during training 222.00 euros, 9 semesters
    • or part-time 333,00 Euro, 6 semesters
  • Disaster Management:
    • Part time 312.30 EUR, 8 semesters

financingEg student loans, KfW Student Loan, DKB student loan, scholarship, etc. We are happy to help!

Graduation: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

access: College admission or without school with a minimum two-year vocational training and three years of full-time employment.

ApplicationAnytime on www.akkon-hochschule.de

  • CV and a digital passport photograph
  • Certificates (certified)
  • Proof Training Course (during training)
  • Proof of previous activities (certified)

About College

The Acre College of Human Sciences is a nationally recognized private university based in Berlin. The bachelor degree programs are offered in management in the security, education in health and health and care management, International emergency and disaster relief. Small seminar groups, practical projects and professional and personal service characterize the study. Our students come from different organizations and healthcare companies.


The course prepares you for senior management tasks across the security. The course is divided into three main phases: After the core curriculum you can in the study phase deepening the direction Rescue Service Management /Emergency management or disaster management / disaster management choose. Finally, to complete the study period of reflection.

Your career opportunities

The bachelor program gives you the opportunity to develop an innovative vocational personally and professionally. The internationally recognized academic degree of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) allows you to enter into a management function in organizations and authorities of the security or a postgraduate degree at Master level.

Your career prospects are u. a

  • LeiterIn Rescue Service
  • Elevated service at z. B. Fire Departments
  • Head of Unit at z. B. charities
  • Technical Officer in authorities, public administration

Study modules and content

There are * given a total of 180 or 210 credit points (CP) according to ECTS.

Core studies, among others

  • Emergency and Disaster Psychology / Sociology
  • Right in the security
  • Business Administration
  • Structures and actors of security
  • Analysis of leadership and staff work

Study the consolidation phase among others

Emergency Services Management / Emergency Management

  • Capacity building in emergency medicine I / II
  • Medical Emergency Management
  • Communication, work in groups and professional politics

Disaster Management / Disaster Management

  • Capacity building in civil protection [WP **]
  • Use management in civil protection [WP]
  • State-building, policy and management [WP]
  • Reactive disaster management

Study period of reflection and Others

  • project work
  • internship
  • Bachelor thesis

Study forms and duration

The course is offered for beginners and professionals in the security.

Education and Studies

Accompanying training at least for emergency medics 9 semesters. 180 CP

Emergency Services Management

Jobs and Study

Part-time emergency medics (possibly rescue assistants) 6 semesters; 180 CP

Emergency Services Management

8 semesters; 210 CP

Emergency transport and disaster management

Part-time for other professions in the security: 8 semesters; 180 CP

disaster management

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Die Akkon-Hochschule ist ein Lern- und Arbeitsort, der die berufliche und persönliche Entwicklung von Lernenden und Lehrenden sowie ihr persönliches soziales Engagement unterstützt.

Die Akkon-Hochschule ist ein Lern- und Arbeitsort, der die berufliche und persönliche Entwicklung von Lernenden und Lehrenden sowie ihr persönliches soziales Engagement unterstützt. Read less