BSc in Physiotherapy


Program Description

Academic discipline: Medical and Health Sciences

Degree: Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Qualification: Physiotherapist Duration: 8 semesters

Credits obtained: The bachelor’s degree requires the completion of 240 credits (ETC).

Aim of the program: The curriculum of the BSc in physiotherapy program aims to prepare students for the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of movement system disorders and other diseases using the therapeutic tools of physiotherapy.


Entry requirements: - high school certificate - English language proficiency (CEFR level B2, assessed at the compulsory entrance interview) - entrance interview

Lecture, Seminar: 43% Practice: 57%

Main subjects typically include: Basics of Physiotherapy, Anatomy of the Skeletal System for Physiotherapists, Basics of Pedagogy, Basics of Psychology, Basics of Sociology, General Principles in Health Care & Nursing, Bioethics, Biophysics, Health Informatics, First Aid, Communication, Microbiology, Medical Latin, Anatomy, Histology and Embryology for Physiotherapists, Cell Biology, Biomechanics, Electro-, Balneo-, Hydro- and Climatotherapy (EBHCT), Economics and Management, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Kinesiology, Physiology, Hungarian Language, Basic Biochemistry, Physiology, Philosophy, Kinesiology, Hungarian Language, Clinical Propedeutics, Applied Training Methods, Basics of Internal Medicine, Biochemistry, Basics of Dietetics, Health Care Law, Principles of Health Sciences, Gerontology, Basics of Research Methodology, Principles of Kinesiology, Kinesiology Practice, Mobilization-Manual Techniques, Internal Medicine for Physiotherapists, Pharmacology, Preventive Medicine & Public Health, Neurology for Physiotherapists, Orthopaedics for Physiotherapists, Pathology, Psychiatry, Rheumatology for Physiotherapists, Professional and Scientific Orientation, Obstetrics and Gynaecology for Physiotherapists, Traumatology for Physiotherapists, Professional Hungarian Language, Infant Care and Paediatrics for Physiotherapists, Infant Care and Paediatrics Clinical Practice, Physiotherapy Principles of Internal, Medicine, Physiotherapy of the Movement System, Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging for Physiotherapists , Health Promotion in Primary Care, Intensive Therapy for Physiotherapists, Physiotherapy Principles of the Movement System, Neurology for Physiotherapists, Psychiatry, Rehabilitation Skills, Rheumatology for Physiotherapists, Internal Medicine Clinical Practice, Neurology Clinical Practice, Rehabilitation Clinical Practice, Orthopaedics Clinical Practice, Rheumatology Clinical Practice, Traumatology Clinical Practice, Thesis

Internship, practice: The duration of the internship is 14 weeks.

Career prospects: The degree will open up a range of career opportunities in the following fields: health services, providing therapy and rehabilitation for a broad scale of diseases, institutions offering balneo- and hydrotherapy, home care, private sector, prevention, and other healthcare-related fields.

Fees: Application fee 150 USD, entrance procedure fee 350 USD

Tuition Fee: 6,000 USD/year

Last updated Sep 2019

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