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Program Description

Prevention and health promotion to increase the quality of life of individuals and relieve the health care system for all. This finding provides new areas of work that can occupy Health Psychologists. For this reason the Bachelorstudiengang health psychology combines a sound psychological training with a focus on health and rehabilitation psychology and methodical and economic skills.


entry requirements

  • General university (Abitur) or technical college or technical or equivalent university entrance qualification and
  • A minimum 3-month internship in an institution of social and health


20 weeks while studying at home or abroad. While the integrated internship, you will gain insight into the professional activities of a health psychologist. During this time, you can build a network and test your knowledge on practicality and apply your skills acquired during the course in practice. Many of our graduates have a job offer before completing their studies. Before, during and after the internship is a continuous practice guidance by lecturers of the SRH University of Health Gera course.

semester abroad

You can study with Erasmus + after completing the first year of study at a European university in another participating country, there to expand your social and cultural skills and optimize your job prospects. You will learn the academic system a foreign university as well know how their teaching and learning methods. The services provided under a semester abroad academic coursework may be recognized accordingly.

Content, objectives and end of the study

convert old habits is not easy. "More exercise and healthy eating!": Sounds good, but many people need more support in order to change their lives permanently. In the Department of Health Psychology, you learn to develop preventive health policies and disseminating that information to patients.

Derive a rethinking

The bachelor program Health Psychology combines an informed general psychological training with a focus on health and rehabilitation psychology. Key aspects here are:

  • prevention
  • Resource-oriented perspective and treatment of mental and somatic disorders
  • Workplace Health Promotion
  • Therapeutic guidance chronic diseases

Our students are trained practice with us in the core competencies of psychological activity based innovative didactic concepts. This is done in close contact with potential future employers. Examples for this are:

  • Independent conception and independent implementation of a prevention project in the field of addiction in collaboration with schools in the area and the treatment facility of the Diakonie in Gera.
  • Practical implementation of workshops with video feedback from the field of health promotion (z. B. stress management, time management, resource activation, relaxation techniques).
  • Education important psychological core competencies and soft skills such as communication skills, problem analysis, motivational and relationship building through practice in small groups.
  • Early patient contacts
  • Excursions to nearby rehabilitation centers and businesses

Moreover, it is possible to have additional qualifications while studying for further qualifications (eg relaxation techniques, leadership training).

Career prospects

The bachelor's degree health psychology offers many career opportunities. Typical thematic areas of application are u. a., stress prevention, healthy eating, smoking cessation, development of social skills, development and strengthening of resources and the (psycho) somatic rehabilitation (eg. B. mental illness, pain, neurological diseases, oncology).

Fields of activity and tasks of our graduates:

  • Psychological Assessment and Consulting
  • Prevention of risk behavior, including development, implementation and evaluation of programs to reduce risk behavior and to establish general and specific health-related skills
  • Guidance of therapeutic processes of mental illness
  • Health education and health counseling
  • Self-help promotion and Coaching
  • Coping with the consequences of accidents and disease
  • Workplace Health Promotion
  • Management and coordination of health tasks
  • Provide training, further education and training

Potential employers of our graduates:

  • Hospitals, mental hospitals and rehabilitation clinics
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Advice centers in municipal, church or privately maintained
  • Performers for Prevention and Rehabilitation (health insurance, accident and pension insurance)
  • Prevention Ask the state and federal levels, z. B. Agethur, Federal Centre for Health Education
  • Arbeitsförder- and vocational training centers, vocational conveyors
  • care facilities
  • Integration services
  • Organizational systems such as schools
  • Medium and larger companies of all kinds
  • Operating Medical Services
  • private institutions in sports, wellness and fitness area
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