Bachelor of science in occupational therapy


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Program Description

In Bachelorstudiengang occupational therapy you learn to support people of all ages who are restricted in their everyday skills or threatened by restrictions.


Normal period

2 semester training at a vocational school for occupational therapy, 7 semesters (4 semesters in accompanying training section 3 semesters full-time section)

Admission Requirements: EDUCATION PART-TIME

For the accompanying training study section

  • General higher education entrance or equivalent university entrance qualification
  • Existing contract with an accredited vocational school
  • Successfully completed first year of training (proof certificate)
  • Recommendation of the vocational school

For the full-time section

  • A successfully completed vocational training as an occupational therapist
  • Successfully completed modules of the accompanying training study section

Accompanying training model

If you are currently in an occupational therapy training, you already have the ability to parallel with studies to complete the bachelor occupational therapy and to acquire a Bachelor of Science in a total time of 4.5 years (training and studies).

Curricula, occupational therapy (B. Sc.)

The bachelor degree program Occupational Therapy empowers your occupation scientifically reflect and incorporate the latest findings in your treatment. With a focus on neuroscience and Interdisciplinary ECI expand your knowledge and qualify the same time for new tasks. While studying, learn to work scientifically and thanks to methods such as the Evidence-Based-Medicine to find the best treatment paths for their patients. In seminars as project and quality management, we qualify for leadership and train your rhetorical skills. The acquisition of management as well as scientific competencies gives you furthermore important advantages in labor and health market and also allows you a more academic qualifications to acquire.

In studying you can choose between the following priorities

Election Priority 1: Neurorehabilitation
The importance of this sector is due to its large epidemiological importance and the demographic development of our society in the coming years continue to increase. Elected we have this focus also because in this area of ​​knowledge has increased by several times in recent years. To keep pace with this development even after graduation step, an intensive study of the basic scientific knowledge base of this area is essential.

Priority 2: Interdisciplinary ECI
The mediation extended expertise in focus Interdisciplinary ECI enables occupational therapy in a professional approach transdisciplinary systems to act. The therapeutic need is reduced not only to the field of diagnosis of functioning. Rather, this requirement will be analyzed and designed in accordance with therapeutic technical approaches about their own discipline also on the environment of the patient. The example early childhood education with its environment orientation in particular in relation excellently suited to provide these procedures to the parents and the daycare.

Career prospects

By bachelor occupational therapy you can work on "an equal footing" with other academic health professionals. Graduates of the Bachelor program Occupational Therapy therefore be open to many career opportunities.

Our graduates are active:

  • as head of department in hospitals and rehabilitation centers
  • as lecturers
  • in the field of training
  • at Berufsverbändern and other organizations
  • in journals
  • / Institutions specialized in research groups

The Bachelor's degree, you also meet the admission requirement for further degrees of Master as the Master in Neurorehabilitation at our university, and gain access to the evolving fields of action.

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