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Osteopathy -as holistic Therapieform- has rapidly gained popularity, both in patients and in the actors involved in health care. More and more doctors and therapists complement their treatments with the still relatively new form of therapy. Osteopathy assumes that the human body forms a unit. The basic idea of ​​the therapy is to support the self-regulation of the organism.


entry requirements

  • General or technical university or technical college or the financial statements in accordance with § 60 para. 3 ThürHG and § 63 para. 2 of ThürHG AND
  • Once started or completed osteopathy
  • About the access of other candidate decides the Central Examination Committee.


The internship will adequately prepare you for your future career by applying acquired skills, abilities and knowledge in professional practice. Before, during and after your internship is a continuous practice guidance by lecturers of our university course. In the presence of work experience can give you the internship if necessary be adopted at the request - please contact us, we are happy to help!

semester abroad

You can study with Erasmus + after completing the first year of study at a European university in another participating country, there to expand your social and cultural skills and optimize your job prospects. You will learn the academic system a foreign university as well know how their teaching and learning methods. The services provided under a semester abroad academic coursework may be recognized accordingly.

Details on the study model

The study is (part-time) offered in part-time study model. The time of presence at our institution includes 6 Block weekends per semester (Friday to Monday). This study at our university can be ideal with work and home demands agree.

Understanding the body as a unit - osteopathy, B. Sc.

Many therapeutic disciplines aimed in their treatment of disease from it, be that symptoms treated and alleviated. Their causes and triggers are not usually the focus. Osteopathy, however, is a medical treatment system that uses for the investigation and treatment of the hands, so gentle manual techniques, wherein the patient is recorded in its entirety. The aim of osteopathy is to restore the harmony of the whole organism and its self-healing powers.

The bachelor's program combines the provision of technical and methodological skills in the core areas of osteopathy and thus optimum combination of theory and practice. On this basis, the graduates are able to face future issues and challenges in the field of osteopathy as the evidence base. The study is divided into three areas of competence: Skill specific action skills, Advanced expertise and scientific skills.

1. Osteopathic empowerment

Job-specific competence is the basis of any osteopathic action. They will be developed on basis of sound anatomical, physiological and pathological knowledge in specific coursework and enable you to carry out independent, osteopathic diagnosis and appropriate, osteopathic treatment.

2. Advanced expertise

A large proportion of patients an osteopathic practice in personal injury, Limitations of the musculoskeletal system, for achieving their efficient treatment, the special expertise of sport science, osteopathic concepts is essential. Another specialist subject, the students are taught in frequent pediatric diseases because children represent a large group of patients and often corresponding to their age, require special handling techniques and concepts. To carry out the treatment of certain neurological diseases as efficiently as possible, osteopathy are already expanded bases and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in neurology existing knowledge neuroscientific research as part of the Bachelor program. Furthermore, psychological basis for understanding mental disorders and abnormalities are mediated.

The mediation of business and management skills is done with focus on the personal development and the training and use of individual strengths and potential. This focus is complemented by an overview of the German health system, with its different stakeholders such as health insurance companies, associations, public, schools, media, etc., all of which should be included in the planning of a successful company.

3. Scientific skills

This field of competence dedicated scientific competencies of enlargement. The focus of the scientific work is the goal of aligning its future therapeutic interventions to evidence-based study results. Due to increasing demand osteopathic treatments in Germany the scientific evidence of efficacy of different treatment techniques has become in the public interest. So far, the data location to be rather low. So there are few studies and a lack of evidence.

Practical and research Stark

As osteopathy is at the beginning of the more academic, the need for research is very high. As part of project and theses you are involved in ongoing research projects and may also own practical issues embed throughout your organization. During your studies, you therefore have the possibility practical to collect research experiences, to acquire professional knowledge and applied research methods safely.

Career prospects

In recent years have seen in Germany a growing demand for osteopathic treatments. This is reflected in the inclusion of the reimbursement of osteopathic treatments in the catalog of some public health insurance.

The areas of osteopaths have therefore become very diverse. So osteopathic treatment are used for example. in the:

  • orthopedics
  • traumatology
  • Sports medicine
  • gynecology
  • urology
  • cardiology
  • neurology
  • internal medicine
  • orthodontics
  • Pneumology
  • Neonatology
  • Paediatrics used.

At the same time, there is the lack of legal regulation of the profession of osteopath also a very different quality of education in Germany. Against this background, are required by the health insurance before a reimbursement enhanced qualifications. Therefore, the completion of an academic osteopathic training in Germany will get significantly more weight for quality assurance of the profession of osteopathy in the future.

The career opportunities for graduates of the bachelor program osteopathy include both practical as well as lecturers, scientific and entrepreneurial activities. Primarily osteopaths are the future also work in private practice (requirement for non-medical osteopaths this is currently the medical practitioner approval). In addition, our graduates are also active in research and science. The bachelor's degree offers you the opportunity to complete a master's degree and embarking on an academic career, including promotion. At our university you could build with the master "Healthy an aging and gerontology", neurorehabilitation, health and social programs.

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