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Program Description

Physiotherapists who wins alongside a varied and exciting job with people, a profession increasingly important.


entry requirements

The admission requirements for the education integrating Bachelorstudiengang physiotherapy are:

  • General university, technical university or technical college in accordance with § 60 ThürHG
  • Access to university is gem for qualified professionals. § 63 ThürHG possible
  • Existing contract with a state-approved SRH - Vocational School of Physiotherapy in Leverkusen, Karlsruhe or Stuttgart

Since this program is offered in cooperation with the SRH technical schools, send their application documents directly to your desired location to Leverkusen, Karlsruhe or Stuttgart.

semester abroad

You can study with Erasmus + after completing the first year of study at a European university in another participating country, there to expand your social and cultural skills and optimize your job prospects. You will learn the academic system a foreign university as well know how their teaching and learning methods. The services provided under a semester abroad academic coursework may be recognized accordingly.

Physiotherapists are in demand

By New syndromes in neurological, pediatric, surgical, internal medicine and orthopedics, the physiotherapy has become an indispensable part of the treatment strategy. In addition, the demand for physical therapy services in prevention and rehabilitation is steadily increasing.

A classically trained physiotherapist often no longer sufficient due to the complexity of the application areas in order to offer patients the best and latest treatment methods. Hence also the demand of the Science Council, which consists 10 to 20% of a cohort of akademisierten therapist to keep on one side with the international standard step can and to leave on the other side the therapy professions get a higher professional status. The akademisierten therapist make with their knowledge the basis for a scientifically sound and effective therapy to the patient.

Therapy in Transition

Our health care system has changed significantly in recent years. On the one hand takes the physiotherapy in the treatment of new diseases in neurological, pediatric, surgical, internal medicine and orthopedics an increasingly important role. Secondly wins Physiotherapy in key areas of prevention and rehabilitation is becoming increasingly important. The population is aging, unhealthy lifestyles are taking their toll, and the little ones should be encouraged early to prevent subsequent attacks. These challenges described bring nevertheless new demands on the knowledge of all stakeholders in the health sector and thus also the physiotherapist with it.

A physiotherapy treatment need, for example, people

  • After accidents or sports injuries
  • With pain disorders
  • With diseases of the nervous system, such as stroke, Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis
  • With disease of the internal organs, including the cardiovascular system or the vessels

Also for children with developmental disabilities or delays physiotherapy services be prescribed. A targeted treatment can help avoid restrictions to reduce or cure. Physiotherapists are therefore in demand - whether in prevention, rehabilitation, therapy or consulting. Increasingly are capabilities for communication with other healthcare stakeholders, in-depth knowledge in specific physiotherapy methods in academic work and in business administration or Management required.

These developments form the basis of the state-approved program physiotherapy at our institution.

Career opportunities

The Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy are open to many career opportunities. It also gives you expertise an edge over competitors and enables you to work internationally.

Our graduates are currently working in / with:

  • hospitals
  • outpatient clinics
  • nursing homes
  • acute hospitals
  • resorts
  • sports clubs
  • Therapeutic and rehabilitation centers
  • health insurance
  • Facilities with disabled people

our graduates also opening their own practices or have after studying an academic career at a university, or a research organization smashed.

Of course, you also have the possibility, yet to complete a master's degree after the Bachelor. With a master's degree, you will open up the way to promotion. At our university you could build with the master "Healthy Aging and Gerontology" or "neurorehabilitation".

Last updated Mar 2020

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