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Speech therapists are in demand than ever. In nationwide unique, education integrating Bachelorstudiengang you learn people across different situations in the areas of speech, language, voice, swallowing, communication and listening to promote.


entry requirements

The admission requirements for the education integrating Bachelorstudiengang speech therapy are:

  • General university, technical university or technical college in accordance with § 60 ThürHG
  • Access to university is gem for qualified professionals. § 63 ThürHG possible
  • Existing contract with a state-approved SRH - vocational school for speech therapy in Dusseldorf, Bonn, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe and Stuttgart

Please send your application documents directly to your desired location to Dusseldorf, Bonn, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart.

semester abroad

You can study with Erasmus + after completing the first year of study at a European university in another participating country, there to expand your social and cultural skills and optimize your job prospects. You will learn the academic system a foreign university as well know how their teaching and learning methods. The services provided under a semester abroad academic coursework may be recognized accordingly.

At the center: Our Language

The number of elderly patients who need a logopaedic support and / or therapy is increasing. have around 85% of patients with acquired speech and language disorders a stroke behind. In about 25% of patients after a stroke consist chronic dysphagia and at about 10% a speech disorder. Due to the demographic development also see more and more people, in addition to having a stroke even dementia, a speech or swallowing disorder.

Besides the high support needs in elderly patients who need a logopaedic support and / or therapy, the need for speech therapy treatments increases in children. More and more children are born with speech abnormalities in the crib, the nursery or school. Often the reason is that voice suggestions or speech events are missing or the child learns not talked enabling environment or behavior. Ideally, this can be offset by a corresponding logopaedic support. The same applies to children who have to cope with an innate language disorder or a language disorder their language acquisition, learning together so under difficult conditions, in educational institutions with other children without or with a linguistic problem and in addition have a real therapeutic need.

Study content, speech therapy B.Sc.

During the study, we provide you with medical, linguistic, behavioral and social science foundations. We also train your theoretical and practical technical and capacity-building on the logopedic / spoke therapeutic field of language, speech, voice, swallowing, communication and hearing disorders.

A subject-specific focus during your studies is the interference of the acquisition of spoken and written language disorders including fluency. Here, a critical examination of the development, implementation and evaluation of language support programs for late-speaking children, so-called. Late Talker. Another subject-specific focus deals with the neurogenic-related speech, language and swallowing disorders.

The confrontation with multidisciplinary (interdisciplinary) knowledge of neuroscience extends not only your expertise, but also allows the transfer of knowledge and the self-employed and active development of new therapeutic interventions. It helps you to evaluate new knowledge to implement and thereby stay later at work professionally on the current state of scientific development.

Recent changes in the healthcare system require an additional career-related management skills in order to increase competitiveness in the healthcare market. Therefore, you not only medical legal foundations and business knowledge base and advanced knowledge of health and social systems as well as skills in project management, facilitation and presentation are taught. All this completes your profile, forms a specialist in your field and therefore offers optimal career prospects.

Career prospects

Graduates of the Bachelor program Logopedics open many career opportunities. Possible fields of application of our graduates:

  • Line of speech therapy / speech therapy departments in acute and rehabilitation clinics
  • research assistant and lecturer at universities, technical colleges and universities in courses for speech therapy and academic speech therapy, early intervention and education at the elementary level
  • Lecturer at colleges of education, especially in the field of voice physiology
  • Conducting vocal aptitude tests at universities, polytechnics and colleges of education
  • Lecturer at specialized schools for speech therapy
  • scientific activity in speech, language and communication-related research projects at universities, polytechnics, colleges of education and universities
  • conceptual (With) development of language support programs for primary education at national and regional level as well as training activities in local projects to promote language
  • Introduction of measures to vocal prevention and training in teacher training institutions, companies and public institutions
  • Therapeutic activity of institutions for reading and writing promotion and LRS therapy
  • Lead interdisciplinary teams therapists in outpatient rehabilitation facilities or medical care centers
  • Practical activity as an academic speech therapist with scientific competence

It also offers you the completion the opportunity yet to complete a master's degree after the Bachelor. With a master's degree, you will open up the way to a doctorate and an academic career. At our university you could build "health and social programs" for example, with the Master "Healthy Aging and Gerontology" or.

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