Bachelors in Saint Julian's in Malta 2021

A bachelor is an academic degree program that helps prepare students for a future career or to continue their education. Bachelor’s degrees can be earned in about three to five years depending on student achievement as well as the requirements of each specific degree program.

A Master is a degree that demonstrates students have completed advanced studies in their field of training. This program is available for students with an undergraduate degree, and it often takes one to two years to complete.

Malta is a southern European country in the Mediterranean Sea 80 km south of Sicily and 333 km north of Libya. Malta covers just over 316 kmĀ², making it one of the world's smallest and most densely populated countries.

Bachelor Degrees in Saint Julian's in Malta

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Four-year degree in Physiotherapy (Hons)

4 years

In addition to training students in the exercise of physiotherapy, the degree course in physiotherapy also addresses the art of care in the highest sense of the term: from pri ...

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