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Program Description

Training of the general clinical surgeon prepared to apply preventive measures, identify dental problems, plan and execute treatments

  • Concept 3 in the CPC MEC 2013 (Provisional Concept of Courses evaluated by the Ministry of Education)
  • 2nd course of the State of São Paulo and 5th of the Country, among private institutions. 5th course of the State of São Paulo among all institutions, public and private, according to RUF 2015.
  • Ranked with three stars in the Student Guide April 2015.
  • Clinic-School of Dentistry agreed to SUS that attends the community and special patients, people with Down Syndrome, autistic, people with muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy
  • Well-equipped Basic Training and Specific Training Laboratories
  • Course with ample hours of practical activities.
  • Excellent classification of trainees in public examinations, master's and doctoral exams
  • Program of free assistance to pregnant women and babies
  • Specializations at postgraduate level.
  • PhD and MS with Evaluation 5 by CAPES, with area of ​​concentration in Endodontics

The Unaerp Dentistry course provides the general clinical surgeon with the competence to apply preventive measures, identify oral-dental problems, plan and execute treatment plans for private patients or in public oral health systems. For this, the course offers methodology of dynamic and practical teaching, has professors doctors and masters and a pedagogical project that emphasizes the ethical and human aspects of the profession. The course, founded in 1986, seeks constant innovation of content and use of new technologies, materials and prevention methods. The practical learning takes place in laboratories with the most modern equipment and in the Unaerp clinic, which attends patients through the public health system (SUS) and also offers emergency care supervised by on-call teachers. The community service provides more than 13 thousand annual visits through oral health programs at the Unaerp school clinic, prevention services for pregnant women and infants, and dental projects in the community developed in schools and charities.


The Pedagogical Project aims at the promotion of a reflexive teaching, supported by experiences of social practices, forming the competent dental surgeon, critical and supportive. To do so, it promotes a training with a set of skills, and the first phase, called the Intermediate Profile, the student of the Dentistry course at the University of Ribeirão Preto, is a pre-professional with competencies to:

  • Map concrete situations favorable to oral health;
  • Communicate with sympathy in interpersonal relationships;
  • Treat data;
  • Collaborate and act in health education programs;
  • Perform basic clinical procedures.
  • In the second phase, called the Final Profile, the egress is a General Clinical professional, aimed at promoting individual health and collective health, with the following competencies:
  • Make diagnoses;
  • Plan intervention actions;
  • Perform clinical procedures;
  • Plan, execute and administer collective oral health programs;
  • To develop educational behaviors in health.
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About the School

•Primeira instituição de ensino superior da região de Ribeirão Preto, fundada em 1º de Junho de 1924 •Reconhecida pelo MEC como Universidade, em dezembro de 1985. •Campus sede em Ribeirão ... Read More

•Primeira instituição de ensino superior da região de Ribeirão Preto, fundada em 1º de Junho de 1924 •Reconhecida pelo MEC como Universidade, em dezembro de 1985. •Campus sede em Ribeirão Preto e campus em Guarujá com licenciaturas, bacharelados e cursos superiores de tecnologia nas modalidades presencial e EAD e infraestrutura de ensino, pesquisa e extensão com laboratórios, equipamentos, biblioteca e recursos tecnológicos. •500 mil atendimentos à comunidade realizados em mais 30 programas de extensão, nas clínicas, laboratórios, hospital próprio e em hospitais, UPA e UBDs da cidade e região. Read less
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