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The student of Dentistry (future Dental Surgeon) will be a professional with humanistic, critical and reflexive training in the practice of the profession, acting at all levels of attention to oral health, based on ethical and legal principles, committed to social reality, Cultural and economic development of the country. Humanistic training is essential for the health professional since, he will act and relate to human beings providing innumerable interpersonal situations, requiring preparation in areas of the human sciences. The scientific knowledge will give the student technical preparation, with skill and behavior that allows deciding and acting with safety and efficiency in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the mouth and maxillofacial diseases and in the promotion of the general health of his patient. Dentistry is the profession that takes care of the oral health of the people, acting in preventive, curative and rehabilitative measures of the diseases of the mouth. The student receives a training that will make him / her able to diagnose and treat oral diseases and systemic diseases with oral manifestations. Thus, in its formation, it is required the learning of different areas of knowledge with basic and professional content that is taught with a differentiated didactic approach. The course is offered in Campuses of São Miguel and Liberty, offered in the daytime and nighttime, with duration of 8 semesters, have a total workload of 4,007 hours. Labor Market The professional, when graduated, is prepared to act as general or general practitioner, being able to work in one of the areas of: Collective Health; Endodontics: canal treatment; Periodontics: gum treatment; Dentistry: teeth restorations; Prosthesis: rehabilitation of the function of a tooth or replacement of missing teeth; Radiology: radiographic examinations and other imaging tests; Patients with special needs; Pediatric dentistry: prevention and treatment of infants and children; Surgery: procedures of simple extractions or of inclusions until extensive surgeries for removal of tumors; Legal dentistry: identification of corpses, criminal and professional skills through the teeth; Laser in dentistry: high and low power lasers in various specialties.


The laboratory activities are developed in modern facilities and equipment and advanced technology. The dental offices are modern attending to different clinical disciplines in the professional training. We still have a Nucleus of dental trauma care; Baby Clinic; Junior Clinic of Interactive Dentistry and the Patient Special Care Center. In the 2nd semester of the course, beginner students begin to assist the most experienced (seniors) in the clinical appointments of the professional disciplines.

Campus São Miguel: Rua Taiuvinha, 26 - Phone: 2037-5833 - Office hours: Monday to Friday, from 8h to 22h30.

Campus Liberdade: Rua Galvão Bueno, 868 - Block B - 7th and. - Telephone: 3385-3013 - Office hours: Monday to Friday, from 8h to 22h30.

Complementary Information

Morning: from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 1 pm.

Nocturnal: Monday to Friday, from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm Clinic Care Supervised to the community in the different specialties as of the 2nd semester. Complementary Activities Supervised outside regular school hours to serve the needy outside community.

Last updated Aug 2017

About the School

A Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional foi fundada em 1965 na cidade de São Paulo e, atualmente, é composta pelo Colégio Cruzeiro do Sul, SP– SP; Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul, SP – SP; Centro Universitário Mód ... Read More

A Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional foi fundada em 1965 na cidade de São Paulo e, atualmente, é composta pelo Colégio Cruzeiro do Sul, SP– SP; Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul, SP – SP; Centro Universitário Módulo, Caraguatatuba – SP; Centro Universitário do Distrito Federal, Brasília – DF , Universidade Cidade de São Paulo, SP – SP, Universidade de Franca, Colégio Alto Padrão e Colégio CTEC, em Franca – SP , Faculdade São Sebastião e Colégio Objetivo São Sebastião – Centro, em São Sebastião – SP , Faculdade Caraguatatuba, em Caraguatatuba – SP; e mais recentemente, pelo Centro Universitário Nossa Senhora do Patrocínio, Colégio CEUNSP, Colégio Itu e Colégio Cidade de Salto, nas cidades de Itu e Salto –SP. O diferencial estratégico do grupo é o fato de atuar com instituições, marcas e posicionamentos diferentes, conforme os mercados específicos e as características das cidades onde mantém estabelecimentos de ensino. Todas as instituições preservam sua identidade, sem abrir mão dos princípios éticos e ideais de educação que norteiam as ações da Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional, o que se traduz em alguns dos melhores indicadores acadêmicos entre as instituições de ensino brasileiras. Read less