Long-cycle studies, Master of Physiotherapy


Program Description

Long-cycle Master degree studies, 5–year full-time programme with practical training as an integral part of studies and the opportunity of enrolment to PhD Studies.

Physiotherapy is a medical profession providing health care services with respect to restoring and maintaining proper body functionality and mobility. In many settings, physical therapy is combined with other medical services, aimed at prevention and treatment of illnesses.

Pursuant to the new act on the profession of physiotherapist, § 17, section 1 of the regulation of Minister of Science and Higher Education of 26 September 2016, on conditions of studies, Physiotherapy will be offered only as long-cycle master's degree studies among other programmes like: Medicine, Medicine and Dentistry, Laboratory Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Law, and Canon Law.

Students who want to work as physiotherapists in Poland and start their 5-year long-cycle Master degree programme in Physiotherapy after 1st October 2017 are obliged to complete 6-month practical training after graduation, take National Specialization Exam for Physiotherapists, and register themselves in the National Physiotherapy Registry.

Our 5-year full-time MSc degree programme has been developed with full reference to recent changes in health service provisions in EU and within education standards and directives of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT). The programme includes classes and lectures taught by experienced and highly qualified teaching staff, including senior physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals. Students attend both theoretical classroom-based learning and practical clinical-based training. They gain the knowledge of the most up-to-date forms of manual therapy (e.g. Kinesiotaping) and rejuvenation and wellness therapy (e.g. sports massage, sports nutrition, relaxation techniques).

MSc in Physiotherapy prepares students for independent work with ill and disabled patients applying physical methods for preventive and healing purposes. Students gain the abilities of planning and controlling the effectiveness of a medical rehabilitation process. Acquiring these abilities is possible thanks to an extensive schedule of theoretical and practical classes within special methods used in physiotherapy, neurodevelopmental techniques (PNF,neuro mobilisation), physical medicine and functional diagnosis and rehabilitation programming. Graduates are prepared for work in scientific research institutions, state administrative and municipal centres and gain the right to apply for a speciality in physiotherapy and PhD studies. Apart from the compulsory study programme, students have the opportunity to attend voluntary supplemental certified courses.


The programme includes clinical placements, integrated throughout the course. There is an opportunity to do practical training under the supervision of highly-qualified physiotherapists in a range of clinical facilities located locally, nationally and internationally. In 2010 VPU founded the Academic Physiotherapy Centre, a modern clinic boasting invaluable experience, which can be used not only by our physiotherapy students but also by citizens of Lublin. The centre has the latest equipment for a full body diagnostics and rehabilitation and has signed a contract with the Polish National Health System. Due to invaluable experience gained from practical attended by future physiotherapists, it is also a place where students do their clinical practice and where scientific research is conducted.


Physiotherapists treat an increasingly diverse range of patients. Within a hospital setting, they may be engaged in healthcare of the elderly, mental health, neurology, orthopaedics, paediatrics, palliative, primary and respiratory care. Some physiotherapists choose to work in the private sector or in alternative settings such as rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, schools for physically challenged children, educational centres, Spa & Wellness facilities, fitness clubs, health and beauty clinics.

Please note

The October 2017 intake for the degree programme in PHYSIOTHERAPY enables to obtain the degree of Master during 5-year long-cycle studies, whereas for the graduates of Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy VPU offers the last opportunity to obtain the degree of Master – during 2-year education.

Last updated Dec 2018

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Vincent Pol University (VPU) is located in Lublin in eastern Poland, 170km south of Warsaw. Lublin is an historic city set on the banks of the River Bystrzyca. It is popular with tourists and students ... Read More

Vincent Pol University (VPU) is located in Lublin in eastern Poland, 170km south of Warsaw. Lublin is an historic city set on the banks of the River Bystrzyca. It is popular with tourists and students alike, and is a great place to study. Read less