Master in Global Health


Program Description

Application deadline update

  • Non-EU/EEA students: 1 May (the original deadline of 1 April has been extended due to COVID-19)
  • EU/EEA students and students who do not need a study visa/residence permit through VU Amsterdam*: 1 June (the original deadline of 1 May has been extended due to COVID-19)

Master in Global Health

Global health is defined as the broad field of study, research, and practice geared towards improving health and achieving equity in health. Global health researchers need transdisciplinary approaches. They need to cross disciplinary boundaries and interact with health professionals, patients, and others to gain an in-depth understanding of global health problems and to set out cohesive and strategic action to solve these problems. In the Research Master’s in Global Health, you will embark on an intensive study of cross-cutting aspects of health systems. You will obtain the latest insights, as well as design and implement interventions and innovation strategies to address these health challenges.

Why study Global Health?

The Research Master’s in Global Health is a unique program that opens up a world of possibilities. Over two years, you will receive the best possible preparation for a Ph.D. or research position. You will have the opportunity to explore the latest theories and state-of-the-art techniques and research methods in the field of global health.

This innovative Research Master’s offers you an approach that spans a range of disciplines and encompasses a systems-based perspective. You will receive two years of research training supervised by professors and you will have the opportunity to produce your own Ph.D. research grant proposal.

What is more, you will benefit from the combined expertise of leading academic institutions that collaborate within the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development: Athena/Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Academic Medical Center/ the University of Amsterdam.

Ph.D.’s and other research postings

This program is the only research master in Global Health. The system’s perspective and its associated transdisciplinary research will be the recurring theme throughout the program; research tools, techniques, approaches, and uses are an integral part of every course, culminating in the two research internships. Finally, using the latest knowledge and skills you acquired in the research master, you will have the opportunity to compose your own Ph.D. research grant proposal in one of the courses towards the end of the second year.

Orientation towards a career and the labor market

The external traineeships and research projects help to prepare and familiarize students with the labor market. In addition, students get an introduction to the labor market during Business Days organized by NiBi (the Netherlands Institute for Biology).

Admission requirements

Every year 25 students are admitted to the Research Master’s program. If you fulfill the application criteria you are invited for an interview with the director of the Master’s program (either in person or by skype). Students who want to be admitted can apply by filling out the appropriate forms and sending in the forms and requested documents. Admission requirements for the Research Master’s program in Global Health are:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in one of the base disciplines of Global Health (e.g., Medical Biology, Health Sciences, Medical Anthropology, Medicine, Health-Economics, Health Management, Pharmacy, Medical Natural Sciences) with basic knowledge of epidemiology.
  • A GPA of 3,5 (7,5 in the Dutch grading system) or higher.
  • An A grade (8 in the Dutch grading system) for the bachelor thesis or internship.
  • Two reference letters (one from the supervisor of the bachelor thesis or internship).
  • Pass the web-based entry examination.
  • English language proficiency requirements. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam requires all applicants to pass an English language proficiency test.

N.B. Students who need a visa (MVV) to enter the Netherlands must have passed the test and submitted the original test certificate before 1 June. All other students have to submit the test certificate at the latest before 1 September.

Last updated Apr 2020

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