Nursing (RN to BS)


Program Description

Siena’s Baldwin Nursing Program is an RN to BS program for associate degrees and licensed registered nurses seeking to further their education for professional nursing practice.

Our goal is to provide you with a dynamic and interactive program that supports lifelong learning to promote excellence in your academic and professional practice. Using a caring science curriculum, this unique program focuses on educating nurses to work with individuals, families, groups, and communities from a health promotion perspective and an ethic of caring. This program also recognizes the knowledge and education that you as a Registered Nurse bring from past experiences and provides you an opportunity to integrate these professional experiences into your academic program.

Program highlights:

Finish in as few as 24 months. Full-time students can complete the program in as few as 24 months; part-time within three to four years. If you already have a bachelor’s in another field, you can earn your degree in as few as 16 months.

The perfect schedule for the working nurse:

All classes in our RN to BS in Nursing program are offered on Wednesdays throughout the academic year, and we admit in both fall and spring terms. This way, you can earn your degree while continuing to manage other life and work responsibilities. In fact, most classes are hybrid, allowing you to have reduced seat time in the classroom.

State of the art health assessment lab:

Our health assessment lab is equipped with all the needed assessment equipment for you to learn advanced health assessments.

Cohort Approach:

Our cohort approach, coupled with our 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio, means that you will be among a small group of nurses and professors the entire time. This environment, where students’ knowledge and skills are highly valued, is perfect for creating a support network and meaningful relationships that last well beyond the program.

Caring Science Curriculum:

Our program’s unique Caring Science Curriculum will offer you opportunities to learn how to care not only for others but also for yourself. We feel this balance is critically important to becoming a kind, caring practitioner.

Preparation for your future:

With a BS in Nursing from Siena College, you’ll be prepared for many career options in your community, including hospitals, clinics, academic settings and more. You can pursue further education leading to advanced practice nursing (APRN) roles such as nurse practitioner, educator, care coordination, and leadership.

BS Nursing Coursework

  • NURS300 - Concepts of Professional NSG 3 cr.
  • NURS305 - Nursing Research 3 cr.
  • NURS310 - Health Assessment & Promotion 4 cr.
  • NURS315 - Nursing Patho&Pharm 4 cr.
  • NURS320 - Care&Advocate for Older Adults 3 cr.
  • NURS408 - Health Policy and Nursing 2 cr.
  • NURS410 - Population/Public Health NSG 6 cr.
  • NURS415 - Nursing Leadership 3 cr.


Natural Sciences

  • SCDV210 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4 cr.
  • SCDV211 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4 cr.
  • BIOL320 - Microbiology 4 cr.

Pharmacology/Nutrition/Biology Course 3cr Social Sciences

  • Intro to Psychology
  • PSYC725 - Developmental Psychology 3 cr.
  • Sociology 3cr


  • ATDV705 - English Composition I 3 cr.
  • Electives (dependent upon degree) 6cr
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Siena College is more than a liberal arts college, it is a learning community that prepares students for a successful life filled with compassion and drive, service and responsibility. Here, we believ ... Read More

Siena College is more than a liberal arts college, it is a learning community that prepares students for a successful life filled with compassion and drive, service and responsibility. Here, we believe that making a good living and living a good life go hand in hand. And we prove, over and over again, that an education like the one you receive at Siena comes along once in a lifetime. Welcome! Read less