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California State University San Bernardino Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Science
California State University San Bernardino

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Science

San Bernardino, USA

4 Years


Full time, Part time

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USD 6,900 / per year *

Blended, On-Campus

* 6.1 or more units


Environmental Health Sciences is a diverse field that explores the impact of the environment, encompassing chemical exposures and the constructed surroundings, on human well-being. Practitioners in this discipline assess exposures, evaluate their potential health risks, and formulate strategies for preventing harm and illness.

Professionals in Environmental Health are champions of improved environmental practices. They oversee the quality of air, water, and food, actively combat climate change and vector-borne diseases and study the effect of toxic and hazardous materials on the human health and well-being. This area of science is as widespread as the environment itself! Everyone will find at least one aspect of the Environmental Health Science fascinating and interesting enough to pursue towards earning an academic degree.

The job prospects for graduates in this field are exceptionally robust, given the growing prevalence of environmental and workplace pollutants and hazards on one hand, and the huge number of senior professionals who are going to retire in the next few years on the other hand. These graduates from our EHS program will be well-equipped to pursue careers in various settings, including universities, private enterprises, Federal government (agencies such as EPA, FDA, CDC and USDA) non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international agencies, as well as state, county and city health departments. Our graduates can easily get excellent positions with the military, US Public Health Service, insurance companies and giant retails throughout the United States. Their roles span health protection, promotion, applied research, education, and program development.

Our graduates meet the academic and experience requirements for admittance to the California Environmental Health Specialist Registration Examination (REHS). The EHS program at CSU San Bernardino has been also accredited by the National Environmental Health Science and Protection Accreditation Council (EHAC), making our graduates eligible for a variety of job opportunities anywhere in the US.

CSUSB will accept Fall 2023 Undergraduate Applications to all programs from First-Year and Transfer students.



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