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Catholic University of the Missions (Universidad Católica de las Misiones UCAMI)

Catholic University of the Missions (Universidad Católica de las Misiones UCAMI)

Catholic University of the Missions (Universidad Católica de las Misiones UCAMI)


Our reason for existing is based on four fundamental objectives:

Provide education of excellence, in accordance with the demands of the time.

Our incessant dedication to self-improvement in the area of ​​knowledge and in our educational role leads us to train men and women of science, awareness, and commitment to society and the historical moment in which they live.

We achieve it from the hand of an excellent teaching body, state-of-the-art technology, modern teaching and learning methods, permanent research, and contact of the students with the reality of the environment, from the extension practices.

Transmit knowledge and product knowledge, through scientific research.

The commitment to the development of the region, the country, and the well-being of the inhabitants, leads us to project and disseminate what we know and the knowledge we develop.

Favor the socio-economic, environmental, and cultural development of the region.

We are aware that the adaptation of public policies to improvements in the quality of life of people, especially those in the neediest sectors, comes hand in hand with findings and novelties in science and changes in the collective consciousness.

Cultural Faith and Evangelize Culture.

The commitment of the entire UCAMI community with the truth and the total promotion of the people that make it up, through humanistic, social, scientific, professional, moral, and ethical instruction, are actions aimed at forming responsible individuals, and therefore free, as well. how to serve society from the search for the common good and social development.

Deliver good people to society, of excellent academic and professional level, with a Christian view of reality, who synthesize in themselves the dialogue between Faith and Reason; It is our best contribution to solid growth and cultural deployment in the region.


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