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Euroinnova International Online Education Master in Aesthetic Dermatology
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Master in Aesthetic Dermatology

Atarfe, Spain

800 Hours


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Obtain your degree in the online and approved master's degree in aesthetic dermatology in which you will obtain professional and specialized preparation in this area. Get to be an expert in aesthetic dermatology with an Approved Qualification and competitive exams. Take advantage of this opportunity with Euroinnova!

Master aesthetic dermatology

Nowadays, technological advances have made it possible to create a great variety of medical and cosmetic procedures in order to obtain healthier and more cared for skin, this is what aesthetic dermatology is responsible for. In this aesthetic dermatology master you will learn all the knowledge, techniques and procedures related to skin care, becoming aware of its importance due to the fact that it is in permanent contact with external agents.

You will also learn about the study of human skin and the diseases that affect it, managing to expand your studies on the different symptoms that may indicate the appearance of an infection and the different treatments that exist depending on the situation that arises.

What is cosmetic dermatology for?

Aesthetic dermatology is a medical branch that applies to the treatment and care of the skin. It is also known as cosmetic dermatology, it serves to eliminate and reduce skin scars, as well as spots caused by the sun, age, acne, etc.

The main objective of this type of medicine is to optimize the appearance of patients to improve it, in addition to monitoring the skin so that if any type of skin-related disease appears, it can be remedied. There are various techniques used in cosmetic dermatology depending on the situation of each patient, these are the most common:

  • Skin revitalization and spot treatment: microdermabrasion, peeling, mesolifting, pulsed light, etc.
  • Rejuvenation: botox, hyaluronic acid, skinbooster, etc.
  • Facial flaccidity: platelet rich plasma, mesolifting, infrared NIR, etc.

Dermatological procedures in aesthetic dermatology

The dermatological procedures that are performed in this type of aesthetic medicine are very different depending on the condition of the skin and the result that you want to obtain, so this master's degree in aesthetic dermatology will provide you with all the necessary resources to be able to act in any situation.

  • Chemical peel: remove the first layer of the skin to make it softer.
  • Eyelid surgery: to remove excess oily skin by tightening the muscles.
  • Dermabrasion: the facial skin is scraped to achieve smoother skin.
  • Laser hair removal: to remove hair from the body.
  • Tattoo removal: through a light emission process.
  • Lip augmentation: usually through fat injections.
  • Neck liposuction: procedure to rejuvenate the neck, through incisions in the folds of the chin.

Increase your knowledge of this sector with this aesthetic dermatology master's degree, to become a qualified professional with the best training programs and the Euroinnova Business School quality seal. Take advantage of this opportunity to enroll.

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General characteristics

Summary of professional opportunities for master aesthetic dermatology:

This Master in Aesthetic Dermatology offers you specialized training in the field. Dermatology is a specialty of medicine that deals with the knowledge and study of human skin and the diseases that affect it. This specialty is also concerned with the prevention of diseases and the preservation or recovery of skin normality as well as dermocosmetics that is dedicated to hygiene, appearance and protection of the skin. Thus, with the present Master in Aesthetic Dermatology it is intended to provide the necessary knowledge to know the causes that produce the different pathologies that can appear on the skin, their symptoms and their treatment.

Objectives of master aesthetic dermatology:

This Master in Aesthetic Dermatology has the following objectives:

  • Know the fundamental aspects of aesthetic dermatology.
  • Introduce basic aspects related to the skin and its anatomy.
  • Differentiate the most common dermatological pathologies today.
  • Learn the basic characteristics that differentiate dermatitis from other types of skin inflammations.
  • Know what the symptoms of benign skin growths are.
  • Relate each of the symptoms that indicate the type of skin cancer we are facing.
  • Learn about phlebology and antiaging.
  • Discriminate the types of skin infections that can be found based on their symptoms.
  • Introduce the basics of dermatological treatments that are carried out on damaged skin today.

Professional opportunities for master aesthetic dermatology:

Thanks to the degree in this Master in Aesthetic Dermatology, it will grant you a series of skills and knowledge necessary to be able to perform it in the health field in general.

What does the aesthetic dermatology master prepare you for:

At the end of this Master in Aesthetic Dermatology, the student will be able to differentiate and detect the different pathologies that may appear on the skin, knowing the causes that each of them can produce, their symptoms and the treatment that must be carried out to improve them or remove them when possible.

Who is the master aesthetic dermatology aimed at:

This Master in Aesthetic Dermatology is aimed at anyone who wishes to specialize their training in Dermatology and the treatment of the most common conditions that may arise.

Official nature of the training:

This training is not included within the scope of official regulated training (Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Official Vocational Training FP, Baccalaureate, University Degree, Official University Master and Doctorate). It is therefore a complementary and / or specialization training, aimed at the acquisition of certain skills, abilities or aptitudes of a professional nature, which can be assessed as a merit in job boards and / or competitive examinations, always within the Training section. Complementary and / or Continuous Training, it is always essential to review the specific requirements for the assessment of the specific public job bank to which we wish to apply.

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