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Galilee International Management Institute

Galilee International Management Institute

Galilee International Management Institute


Established in 1987, Galilee International Management Institute’s goal is to provide accessible, inclusive learning and development opportunities for the developing world. The institute serves as a hub for knowledge transfer and human development presenting Israel's success story.

The joint Kenya Israeli medical school program held in partnership with UZIMA University in Kenya aims at equipping students with the knowledge, relevant medical skills, and attitudes for quality health services in hospitals and other health-related facilities.

Our Belief

It is our belief that all countries and people can advance their economies by investing in the human element of education. This is the key to creating sustainable development, social change, and a more equal world. We empower people and enable them to bring about positive change in their communities, by encouraging them to think differently, take risks, cooperate, and innovate – we create leaders. To date, more than 25,000 senior managers, administrators, and planners, from over 170 countries, have graduated from our Programs.

Why Us

Our Programs create an in-depth learning experience, combined with a commitment to professionalism, and a personal touch, and present the Israeli success story. A country renowned for pioneering cutting-edge technology, and rapid economic and infrastructural development, despite a lack of natural resources and regional strategic challenges.

Our Vision: Creating an in-depth learning experience, combining a commitment to professionalism with a personal touch.

Our Mission: Bringing together international professionals, we aim to create a global network to further develop intercultural understanding.

Our curricula share the renowned Israeli know-how in a wide variety of areas, ranging from Agriculture, Health, Crisis and Security Management, Economic Development, Transport, and Higher Education to Capacity Building.

Study opportunities include a variety of learning platforms including LIVE online sessions, to programs held on-site in Israel with Israeli experts.

Additionally, we offer online degrees, in partnership with European Universities, to expand the accessibility to knowledge.

We aim to create a network of international professionals that interact together, both with us and between themselves, to promote cooperation and knowledge sharing towards a more sustainable future. To date, over 18,000 senior managers, administrators, and planners, from over 170 countries, have graduated from our programs.

Knowledge Centers

We offer adaptable training programs designed to support the achievement of strategic and development goals of public and private sector organizations. This is achieved by providing a holistic training solution. The Center for Capacity Building's activities are dedicated to addressing cross-cutting issues crucial for achieving capacity development resulting in resilient societies, and sustainable development. Our study platform options include LIVE online sessions, local Programs, and onsite in Israel. Our topic-specific knowledge centers specialize in providing access to Israel’s advanced know-how.

  • Center for Agriculture, Environment, and Water
  • Center for Health Management
  • Center for Strategic Studies
  • Center for Higher Education
  • Center for Transport and Maritime Studies
  • Center for Economic Development
  • Center for Capacity Building


Scholarships and Funding

All eligible applicants may apply for a tuition scholarship. The Admissions Committee will decide which of the applicants will receive a scholarship for every intake.

In order to apply for the tuition scholarship, you must complete the regular registration procedure. Once you either fill out the online registration form or directly contact the Program Director, you will be sent a registration package with forms and instructions. In order to complete the registration procedure you must send the Program Director the following as email attachments:

  • Registration Form (mark that you are requesting a tuition scholarship)
  • Visa Application Form
  • Sponsor’s Guarantee of Payment (signed and stamped)
  • Copy of your Full Curriculum Vitae
  • Passport Copy (all pages)
  • Declaration of Intent Form (signed)
  • The Admission Committee will review all applications and decide who will receive a tuition scholarship. You will be notified of their decision within two weeks after submission of your application.


  • Nahalal

    P.O. Box 208, Nahalal, Israel, 1060000, Nahalal