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Institute Of Health Sciences

Institute Of Health Sciences

Institute Of Health Sciences


As one of Europe’s longest established health & nutrition colleges, we focus solely on education & training in nutrition, lifestyle management & coaching - it's our passion, and we want it to be yours, too. Do you love nutrition and health? Our team will help you turn your passion into an exciting, flexible and rewarding career. Our practical, evidence-based in-class and online health and nutrition courses will help your clients reach their optimum health and wellbeing. Why wait?

At IHS, we believe that our present health and future health is the sum of our genetics, diet, lifestyle choices, environment and emotions. As no two humans have the same combination of these factors, the symptoms suffered by one person may not have the same root cause as in someone else. We, therefore, consider that there is no one treatment option to resolve any common health concern in all sufferers.


  • Dublin

    13 Upper Baggot Street, , Dublin