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Kitasato University School of Medicine Dermatology
Kitasato University School of Medicine


Sagamihara, Japan

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Apr 2024

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Medical students from other universities, teachers during initial training at other hospitals

The Department of Dermatology, Kitasato University Hospital welcomes visits from other universities and hospitals at any time.

Medical students can be of any grade if they are interested in dermatology.

Please come to the tour and see the scale of our department and the high level of activities.

Would you like to feel and interact with the staff?

The number of inpatients and outpatients in our ward is one of the largest in Japan.

It is a very lively medical office.

Medical students and teachers who are still undecided about their future course can also see outside the facility to which they belong.

Spreading the word will be a very meaningful experience in the future.

Of course, we also welcome one-day tours and several-day tours using long vacations.

If you are interested, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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