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LMU University – Faculty of Medicine

LMU University – Faculty of Medicine

LMU University – Faculty of Medicine


The Munich Medical Research School (MMRS) is a central institution of the LMU's Medical Faculty. It is designed as an umbrella structure spanning all doctoral studies (regular doctoral theses and structured Ph.D. programs) in the areas of human medicine, dental medicine, human biology, and the life sciences.

The Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital at LMU Munich is one of the leading and most efficient children’s university hospitals in Germany and Europe. It offers excellent research, training, and teaching conditions for ambitious physicians and scientists. A highly interdisciplinary environment and renowned research groups provide the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research projects and to deliver patient care at the highest medical level.

One of the main tasks of the MMRS is to establish Ph.D. core areas under the examination regulations for "Ph.D. Medical Research" in order to promote the faculty's internationalization. To date, the core areas "International Health" (Center for International Health), "Oral Sciences" (Poliklinik für Zahnerhaltung und Parodontologie), "Epidemiology & Public Health" (IBE), "Lung Biology & Disease" (Comprehensive Pneumology Center, Helmholtz) and "Genomic and Molecular Medicine - Personalized Approaches to Childhood Health" are on offer.

Additionally, research training groups ("Graduiertenkollegs") and collaborative research centers ("Sonderforschungsbereiche") are given the possibility of awarding their students a Ph.D. in the framework of the "Ph.D. Medical Research" examination regulations.

As a central contact, the MMRS office assists the faculty in an advisory capacity in all aspects concerning the development of new Ph.D. core areas and the carrying-out of doctoral studies.

The MMRS office is also the central administrative unit, where all matters concerning doctoral studies are managed. A central database of all students is kept, admissions and examinations are organized, and certificates and degrees are prepared and handed out.

All doctoral students are automatically members of the MMRS upon admittance to the faculty as doctoral candidates.

Our Approach

We are educating tomorrow’s leaders in the field of (bio-)medical research. We support young scientists and pediatricians to become pioneers of personalized precision medicine. We want to advance genomic research to help children with severe, complex, and rare diseases worldwide. Our Ph.D. students are supervised by top scientists and have full access to state-of-the-art facilities.


Our mission is to provide highly qualified young scientists with the best research conditions, foster the interests and competencies of excellent Ph.D. students, and to prepare them for their future career paths at the highest level.


Our vision is that no child should have to die from a severe, complex, or rare disease. To achieve this, we invest in research and the training of the best young scientists and pediatricians.

Available Degrees at the Faculty of Medicine:

The Medical Faculty awards five different doctoral degrees, dependent on the (future) doctoral candidate's qualifying degree, as well as on the degree of the potential supervisor.

Dr. med.

The doctoral degree Dr. med. is for students with a qualifying degree in human medicine.

Dr. med. dent.

The doctoral degree Dr. med. dent. is for students with a qualifying degree in dental medicine.

Dr. rer. biol. hum.

The doctoral degree in human biology is designed for doctoral candidates who would like to carry out a doctoral project at the Medical Faculty but do not have a degree in human or dental medicine.

Ph.D. medical research

The Ph.D. in Medical Research is a 3-year structured research training program, which focuses on the current content of medical research, in particular biomedical experimental, clinical or translational research, or public health research. Application and selection of candidates are done by the respective core areas and training groups.

Dr. rer. nat.

The Dr. rer. nat. ist for doctoral candidates with a qualifying degree in the life sciences. You must have achieved a grade that allows you to carry out a doctoral research project at one of the life science faculties of LMU. Supervision of the doctoral research project can only be carried out by a supervisor who has a doctoral degree in the life sciences.


LMU Munich is one of the 50 best universities in the world and ranks first among universities in Germany. At LMU research and science find excellent conditions, people work with passion and expertise on the scientific issues of the future.


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