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Medical University-Sofia

Medical University-Sofia

Medical University-Sofia


Medical University – Sofia (MUS) has a unique place in the Bulgarian education system. The high level of teaching, training and the achievements in the research work, health care and public activities are integrated – aiming that MU would be innovator and meeting the public interest. The University strives for regional leadership while increasing the quality of the education on national and international scale.

Medical University – Sofia trains the students for work in a competitive environment where the quality is a determinant factor for success. At the same time MUS aims at cultivating tolerance, team oriented, responsibility, autonomy and ability to solve problems and take decisions alone. This is the way that MUS tries to answer to the increasing public needs.

Goals of the Medical University – Sofia mission are:

To strengthen and develop its reputation as internationally acknowledged research center

To ensure excellent education in a field enriched by science and research work

To increase the number of students and specialists from the country and abroad

To ensure graduation of medical specialists who are adaptable and meet the increasing needs of the national and international employer in all sectors of economy

To form high quality lecturers and to improve their effectiveness

To optimize the resource using in order to improve the work environment and the variety of services for students and human resources

To reach the level of budget and outside of budget resources that ensure balanced growth, adequate capital investment that provides sufficient and stable finance base of the future development of the University


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