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Oregon State University Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine

Oregon State University Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine

Oregon State University Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine


Mission Statement

The Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University serves the needs of Oregon, the nation, and the world by training the next generation of practice-ready veterinarians, providing state-of-the-art diagnostic and clinical services, and supporting the continuing education of veterinary practitioners. Biomedical research conducted at the college increasingly expands the scope of veterinary medicine to address both animal health issues and the relevance of animal diseases to public health.

The College of Veterinary Medicine’s strategic plan is the result of more than a year of intense thought, research, discussion, surveys, and gathering of input from a variety of individuals from within the College and from stakeholder groups outside the College. The result is a plan that reflects our values, our mission, and our ambitions.

Strategic planning is inherently a forward-looking exercise that anticipates what is important to emphasize or prioritize over a longer time frame than normal operational activities span to ensure an organization’s continued value and relevance into the future.

The planning process included these basic steps:

Understand our situation

Determine the future we are aiming for

Characterize both the challenges and the opportunities associated with that future

Establish the actionable next steps we are going to take today to achieve that future

The CVM strategic planning steering committee sought to understand external trends and constraints that affect the CVM and the profession. With input from faculty, staff, and students, the steering committee discussed what they see as important to the future success of the CVM and developed the set of four strategic priorities that comprise the plan.

We look forward to working towards these goals and sharing our successes with all who support the College.


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