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University of Ostrava - Faculty of Medicine Medicine Doctor 6 years (M.D.)
University of Ostrava - Faculty of Medicine

Medicine Doctor 6 years (M.D.)

Ostrava, Czech Republic

6 Years


Full time

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EUR 8,500 / per year



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n the first two years the curriculum principally covers theoretical courses (Biochemistry, Biology, Physics, Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, etc.). The third year of studies comprises preclinical courses (Pathophysiology, Pathology) and prepares students for the study of clinical courses (Surgery, Internal Medicine). In the fourth and fifth years, students undertake internships at individual clinics and departments. The last year of studies is devoted to pre-graduation practical training, during which students work at clinics and departments under the supervision of experienced doctors. In the course of their studies, students also complete nine weeks of practical training (during vacation periods) during which they gradually acquaint themselves with the operation of health care facilities and practical procedures. The studies are completed with state examinations in five subjects. The entire program (except for the Czech language courses and practical training) is conducted in English.

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