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The University San Francisco (USF), the student has the tradition of a solid institution in the educational market. They are over 39 years of experience and 80,000 graduates. Present in the cities of Bragança Paulista, Campinas (Units Swift and Cambuí), Itatiba and São Paulo, offering more than 30 undergraduate, 10 graduate, including three Masters and PhD programs.

A university whose main pillar complete formation of the student. In this sense, teachers work with dedication for the student stand out in their chosen profession. Outside the classroom, events are offered, courses, projects and outreach programs, as well as all necessary support for the student to participate in exchanges and join the labor market, among other opportunities.

For all that, the USF is a University that in addition to transmitting knowledge, promotes integral human development, participating in student's dream of becoming a competent and accomplished professional.

Being Community

The USF is part of the select group of higher education Community institutions (ICES) in Brazil, participating also the Brazilian Association of Community Universities (ABRUC), which brings together 66 institutions, presenting concepts 3-5 on the Bank's General Index of Courses ( IGC), the Ministry of Education (MEC).

ICES are characterized by excellence in its activities and the vocation to contribute to society. Another important difference is that 100% of funds raised by the Community are reinvested into benefits for students and the community, because they carry nonprofit activities.

Inspired by the theme "Education for Peace" and moved by its patron, St. Francis of Assisi, the USF's mission is the production and dissemination of knowledge, brotherhood and solidarity. Thus, day by day, the concept of "Community College" is exercised through social projects and community support actions, and activities that have as pillars Teaching, Research and Extension.

The graduate student at USF have the opportunity to experience the reality of the community, combining theory with practice.


Produce and disseminate knowledge, freeing humans for dialogue between science and faith and promote brotherhood and solidarity, through the practice of good and consequent peacebuilding.


To be recognized for academic excellence, the dynamism, innovation and commitment to society, justice, peace and ecology.

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Universidade São Francisco (USF)

Since the 1990s, Latin America has been experiencing a broad movement towards the formation of critical, creative, responsible, ethical, and more human doctors. Aware of ... [+]


Since the 1990s, Latin America has been experiencing a broad movement towards the formation of critical, creative, responsible, ethical, and more human doctors.

Aware of this, San Francisco aims to introduce skilled professionals in the labor market, valuing university extension courses that allow the training of researchers focused on the development of a health policy adequate to the needs of the country.

The proposed mix for the future is to provide basic care but to be aware of the capacity to effectively solve complex health problems.

For some time, the University has been training professionals in the four major areas of Medical Residency - Medical, Surgical, Pediatric and Gynecological-Obstetric Clinic -, working with multidisciplinary teams and with trained professionals, combining theory with practice, training and training the student with Ethical, social and human principles.... [-]

Brazil São Paulo
March 2020
Portuguese (Brazil)
12 - 12 semesters
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