The Catholic University of Valencia "San Vicente Mártir" is dedicated to the cause of truth by serving the dignity of the person and the cause of the Church. The work developed in this University is based on the intimate conviction that knowledge and reason are faithful servants of the faith.

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Subject Term ECTS Abstract

Biochemistry/ Bioquímica 1 6

Understand biomolecular structure and functions. Learn the general structure of metabolism and its integration. Learn the gene expression regulation and the signals transduction systems. Understand and develop the basic techniques of biochemical analysis.

Biology/ Biología 1 6

Understand the concept of biology and evolution of biological sciences. Acquire knowledge about the organization and cellular structure and its relationship to metabolism. Acquire the ability to discern cells and tissues under a microscope.

Embryology and General Anatomy I / Embriología y Anatomía General I 1 6

Comprising the forming steps of the human body from fertilization to completion of embryogenesis during the first trimester of pregnancy. Understand the concept, parts, and evolution of the human anatomy. Relate the anatomical and functional concept of disease. Recognize the pathological anatomical abnormality. Acquiring the concept of non-pathological anatomic variant Learning the topographic, descriptive and functional anatomy of the musculoskeletal system. Understand the morphology, structure, and function of the musculoskeletal system. Identify and discriminate spatial axes and planes body Learn about the concepts of the anatomic relationship, comparison, and movement distinguishing anatomical and functional concepts of organ, apparatus, and system. Learn basic techniques of surgical in corpse dissection. Use the self-learning as a fundamental tool in the development, innovation, and professional responsibility. Learning the structure and function of the human body semiotics, mechanisms, causes and general manifestations of the disease and diagnostic methods processes medical and surgical pathology. Acquire the skills necessary to achieve clinical and surgical experience... [-]
Spain Valencia
September 2019
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